Pricing and Services


Shiloh Christian Academy offers a variety of services for the homeschooling community. The following are a list of services available.






Testing Options:



Woodcock Johnson IV: (Updated in 2014)

Shiloh Umbrella Families.....$150 for the 1st/$140 sibling discount

Non-Umbrella Families.....$160for the 1st/$150 sibling discount


Test of Cognitive Abilities:(Assesses a student’s visual & auditory processing skills, working memory and reasoning skills. It is an optional test that is only done periodically to gain insight into their learning styles)


Shiloh Umbrella Families....$165 (administered individually, not with siblings)

Non-Umbrella Families.....$175


The Woodcock Johnson Test of Achievement is an approved standardized test in Colorado.  It is required for students to be tested in grades; 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th.  Please see Testing Flyer for more details.


Curriculum Consultation:……………………$50 per hour

Shiloh offers this service to families following the Woodcock Johnson test.  After review of the test scores; curriculum guidance, suggestions and ideas are given to help in areas of weakness. 


Umbrella Coverage/Independent School:……$85 per family/yr.

$75 if enrolled by July 15th                                                             

Shiloh is a qualified umbrella school which provides protection and accountability for homeschoolers.  All required paperwork must be completed to qualify.  Please see Umbrella School attachment for more information.


Filing Fees:.............$25 for a family per year

Shiloh is able to hold test scores for the above fee for NON-umbrella school families.  This is a service offered to homeschoolers who file a letter of intent with their county but do not want them to hold and use their scores.


Supplemental Support Program:…………Annual Tuition Rate  Contact us for current prices

The Core Support Plan offers a 2 day a week program.  It partners with parents to teach the subjects of Bible, Science, History and Writing for 4th-8th graders.